• Complete and reliable operon database covering 2072 bacteria genomes and with overall accuracy of ~90% evaluated by Brouwer (2008) on Brief Bioinformatics.
  • Massive alternative TUs (transcription units) from experiments and predicted by RNA-seq.
  • One-stop operon-centered resources including alternative transcrioption units, transcription factor binding motif, transcription terminator, gene exression by microarray and RNA-seq and conserve operons accross multiple bacteria genomes.
  • Intuitive JBrowse-based genome browser supporting exploring all data in an intutive visualization manner.
  • A google-like keyword based engine for easier search than ever, like NC_000913, lactose, b0001, lacZ, coli, MG1655.

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  • 7/22/2013, Xizeng presented DOOR 2 poster on DOE BESC Retreat 2013.
  • 2/6/2013, Xizeng and Chuan started to develop new web interface. Xin and Hanyuan are involved later.
  • 12/6/2013, Chuan, Xin and Qin started operon prediction and TU prediction.
  • 11/2012, Xizeng and Qin started to conceived the ideas of DOOR 2.0

The overall statistics of DOOR2

With operons* With Transcription Units(TUs)
#species2,071 #species24
#chromosomes2,205 #chromosomes24
#plasmids1,644 #plasmids0
#operons1,323,902 #TUs253,300
MOPC582.3 TPC10,554
#single-gene operons2,578,949 --
SOPC1134.5 --
SOPP46.7 --

MOPC: multi-gene operons per chromosome

MOPP: multi-gene operons per plasmid

SOPC: single-gene operons per chromosome

SOPP: single-gene operons per plasmid

TPC: TUs per chromosome

TPP: TUs per plasmid

With cis-regulatory elements

TFs: transcription factors

TFBSs: transcription factor binding sites

With terminator*

* ther terminators included in DOOR2 are all intrinsic terminators

Conserved Operons

COP: conserved operon pairs

COPPO: conserved operon pairs per operon

Please cite the following papers if you use our database:

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